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Raymonda dabbled with Hatha Yoga, albeit briefly, late 2008 and stopped shortly thereafter due to her first daughter’s arrival and changing priorities. She then began running and participated in a half-marathon and duathlon until her patellar ligament torn, which forced her to seek an alternative exercise outlet. She then turned to cycling, which continues to be her hobby. On December 2015, she decided that she would commit to practicing yoga to ease the stress of parenting three young children, running the household while holding a full-time job, juggling and balancing life and all the same wanting to improve her flexibility. The moment she stepped back on a yoga mat, she was completely hooked! Raymonda instantly saw the positive effects that practicing yoga had on her mind and body. She went on to pursue practicing various styles of yoga under the direction of several teachers, including aerial yoga, acro yoga, vinyasa flow, rocket, Ashtanga, and power yoga. As the passion of practicing yoga grew, she felt the calling in her heart to teach and share with the Deaf community the enormous benefits of yoga through direct communication.


"Mind is the melody, Body is the union, and Spirit is the harmony." An inspiring quote by Rajshree Choudhury

Raymonda said, “I remember at my first yoga class I felt awkward and out of place. I could not touch my toes, place my feet behind my head, and perform many other poses. Along the way, it hits me that yoga is not about touching your toes, but it is what you learn as you progress. I am extremely excited to share the physical, emotional, and spiritual tools I needed to navigate my experience.

I practice yoga both on and off the mat!”

  Sowing the seeds of the future! 

Welcoming, vibrant, high quality yoga for every body that honors the mind, body and spirit.


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