Class Description

Basic Yoga


This class is for absolute beginners and perfect if you are brand new to yoga and want to try it out!


No prior experience is required. You will learn proper breathing techniques, basic yoga postures, through sun salutation with fun. You will learn to move safely from one pose to another, using breath and intention.

Yogastrology  [Special Edition]

IMG_7770 2.jpg

Yogastrology class will cover 12 signs of the zodiac with each pose to understand our personality traits and the type of yoga poses you will enjoy most. 


Each zodiac sign has a vulnerability in that area; doing yoga can transform the weakness into a strength. This class will also cover four elements and qualities of cardinal to help you understand your basic nature. 

Asana Style: Power Yoga


Requirement: Students must be familiar with a sun salutation and attended a yoga class at least 10 times from me or others.

Power Vinyasa Flow


This powerful, sweat-drenching practice creates cleansing body heat, builds strength, and improves stamina and focus. An opening invocation and a warm-up move the class into a dynamic, brisk, and intelligent flow, with a wide range of balance.  


You will build confidence by practicing inversions and handstands (may do the headstand against the wall). Savasana and meditation complete the journey leaving you rejuvenated and ready to soar! 

Requirement: Students must know sun salutation A and B sequences and comfortable with breathing with movement, and transition safely between poses.

Breathe. Believe. Receive.